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With our leading technology as well as our spirit of innovation,mutual cooperation, benefits and development, we will build a prosperous future together with your esteemed company for Manufacturer for Other Mechanical Parts G32 to The Swiss Manufacturers, We are glad that we are steadily growing with the active and long term support of our satisfied customers !

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We always believe that one's character decides products' quality, the details decides products' quality ,with the REALISTIC,EFFICIENT AND INNOVATIVE team spirit for Manufacturer for Other Mechanical Parts G32 to The Swiss Manufacturers, Contact with us today! We are ready for the market service now!

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  • Update: The Ingot Cast has to be created at the Casting Table in the same way as the other casts. This was updated in the mod short after releasing the video.

    A very interesting mod in the new FTB modpack is Tinker’s Construct. I really enjoy the way to combine metals into an alloy and build tools with patterns. This video describes how to get started with all building blocks and how to craft a pickaxe from it. The next step in TC is to combine different materials to make a good tool and of course upgrade it. As said in the video; a good subject for another video :)

    I have made another video about this mod, about how to automate smelting: (new video) (old video)
    There is also a movie about different pickaxe designs:

    Liquids can be put into tanks to make everything easier:

    There is quite a number of different blocks to build, but luckily the recipes are easy and cheap. Basically only Sand, Gravel, Clay and Wood to get started. In this video I used:
    7x Blank Patterns
    1x Stencil Table
    1x Part Crafter
    1x Pattern Chest (optional but recommended)
    1x Tool Station

    And to the smeltery:
    1x Smeltery Controller
    1x Seared Glass
    1x Smeltery Drain
    1x Seared Tank
    1x Seared Faucet
    1x Casting Table
    18x Seared Bricks

    That should require 108 Seared Bricks and 6 Glass. This is 54 each of Sand, Gravel and Clay to make the Grout to smelt.

    Normally you get the new books automatically when crafting the “trigger items”. But I had done it before so I didn’t get them in the video. Had to do it again because I had a recording issue the first time ;)

    If you like what you see, please make me aware of it in form of a like or a comment. If not, then tell me what you think I should improve. And of course, subscribe if you want to see more.

    I can be found on both Twitter and Facebook as well, for video announcements and updates. They are also the preferred ways to send a non-video related question or comment. I might do things on Twitch as well, place a sub and prepare for it!

    Game details:

    Feed the Beast – 1.5.2 Unleashed beta pack

    “Dispersion Relation”
    “Airport Lounge”
    “Dub Feral”
    by Kevin MacLeod (

    How to Get the Best from Investment Casting
    Investment Casting is a tradition dating back to early history. Humans learned to shape and manipulate metal into various forms. Metal tools from various types of metal molding have proven beneficial, because the finished products are in most any type of industry. Investment castings are one of the simplest, yet most reliable techniques, where a mold is used to shape the molten metal into its desired form.
    High-grade metal alloys are used even as the precision casting technologies improve and product creation techniques continue to save design and development costs with increasingly and sustainable quality.
    Investment castings are used in almost every industry today at different points of the product operation. Precision castings from industrial machinery to automotive parts to space ship components to kitchen utensils exist that make our everyday lives easier.

    Agriculture components used in highly technical office equipment to farm implements all use investment castings

    The most common and best alloys for investment castings are steel, copper and aluminum, although we provide precision castings in hundreds of other metals when they work best with your specific project. Investment castings have great strength and durability even when intricate designs are included as proper precision casting quality metal preparation techniques are uses. Selecting the most appropriate metal for your project is an expert service we provide to help assure your finished project is of superior quality. We work with you to avoid those types of difficulties.

    Investment casting has historical roots from deep in the ancient world. The process remains the same with only the tools changing.

    In the technique known as “Lost-Wax Casting,” a wax cast is molded into the near net shape of the desired result through tool and die inverse product designs. In order to create the ‘positive’ finished product, the ‘negative’ product DIE is TOOLED to the delicate tolerances of the finished product
    Wax is injected into the mold by experts who understand just how that wax will create a positive wax mold of the finished product.

    Once this mold is ready after going through the rigorous and long process of being baked and heated to the desired thickness and hardness (this is done multiple times to get the right effect), the process of “spruing” (the passage of liquid metal into a mold) begins. This is done by placing the molten hot metal alloy of choice into the cast and letting it dry for as long as possible. Once the metal has dried and cooled down, the shell is destroyed revealing the newly casted metalwork within the ceramic shell.

    Quality is a hallmark of the investment casting method. Other methods may allow metal porosity in castings, which is a defect in investment castings. Porosity is bubbles that remain inside the cooled metal part that make the casted metal part weak. Porosity may also be small holes, broken bubbles that show on the alloy surface.

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