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 Lost Foam Casting X09 to Mauritania Manufacturer

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  • Learning about 1 of the 8 mineral classes: Carbonates. Comparing and contrasting 3 minerals from the Carbonate class. Calcite, Malachite and Rhodochrosite and their physical and healing attributes.

    Carbonates are commonly found in the near-surface crust of the earth and contain carbon, oxygen and a metallic element. Many of the specimen in this class are trigonal in structure. This is a varied class and typical carbonates are transparent and lightly coloured except where there is metal such as lead, copper, manganese and iron present. The specimen I have chosen to represent in this class are: Pink Mangano Calcite, Malachite and Rhodochrosite.

    They all relate to the Element of Fire. Fire strengthens and balances the energy centres.
    And they connect with the Heart Chakra.
    They are similar in hardness on the MOHS scale. Calcite is 3 while Malachite and Rhodochrosite are 3.5 to 4
    Malachite and Rhodochrosite can grow in Botryoidal form.

    Rhodochrosite also relates to the Water element. Water connects with emotional energy also governs the circulatory and lymphatic systems and other fluids of the body.
    In addition to the Heart Chakra; Malachite and Rhodochrocite also relate to the Solar Plexus.

    Another difference is in the streak test (which used to identify a mineral, the streak is the colour of the powder of a mineral when rubbed across a tile of unglazed porcelain) the Mangano Calcite and Rhodochrosite the streak is white. The Malachite is green, probably because of the copper content.

    Pink Mangano Calcite (opaque)
    Chemistry: Calcium Carbonate Hardness: 3
    Lustre: Silky
    System: Hexagonal
    Specific Gravity: 2.71 Average (This is used for crystal identification and is a way to measure the relative density of a crystal. The number indicates how much heavier the crystal is compared to an equal volume of water.)
    Crystal Habit (Characteristic external shape): Calcite has many varieties of crystal form. This particular type of Calcite is only found in massive form (no distinguishing crystals). The presence of Manganese gives it the pink colour. Hence the name Mangano Calcite.
    Attributes: This stone encourages unconditional love and promotes empathy for others. It is calming and gently helps to heal issues of the heart chakra. Removes stagnant energy. Helps clear the mind and unblock old thoughts. So it is a good study stone to hold or place on your desk.

    Chemistry: Calcium Carbonate Hydroxide Hardness: 3.5 – 4
    Lustre: Silky or Dull
    System: Monoclinic (3 unequal axes which has one at right angles to the other two) This is different than the Calcite & Rhodochrosite.
    Specific Gravity: 3.9+ (Slightly heavy)
    Crystal Habit:Botryoidal (looks like a cluster of grapes), Stalactite (icicle), Globular (similar to Botryoidal but are bubbly, rounded masses.)
    Malachite is associated with copper and can be found with the other classes of minerals (not just carbonates) such as silicates, halides, phosphates and sulfates.
    Attributes: Malachite helps to locate and correct emotional imbalances. It is soothing and help boost confidence (solar plexus energy) and also protects and heals the heart centre. Powerful energy conductor which removes negative energies and unblocks your spiritual path. (Which relates to the ego self of the Solar Plexus)

    Chemistry: Manganese Carbonate Hardness: 3.5 – 4
    Crystal Habit:
    Lustre: Vitreous (glass-like) to Resinous (honey like in appearance)
    System: Trigonal (part of the hexagonal crystal family)
    Specific Gravity: 3.5 (Above average)
    Crystal Habit: Pink and white banding is common in tumbled stones from massive form. Also found as botryoidal, globular, stalactite, layers, nodular (which is concentric growth around a centre), vein-filling and granular.
    Work with this crystal for emotional healing, self-love, compassion as well as to boost self-confidence and empowerment. Rhodochrosite can release tension caused by anxiety, pain or anger. It can relieve energetic disturbances in energy field caused by trauma.

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