High reputation for Forklift Parts C19 to French Importers

High reputation for
 Forklift Parts C19 to French Importers

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In order to best meet client's needs, all of our operations are strictly performed in line with our motto " High Quality, Competitive Price, Fast Service " for High reputation for Forklift Parts C19 to French Importers, Our mission is to help you create long-lasting relationships with your clients through the power of promotional products.

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With reliable quality process, good reputation and perfect customer service, the series of products produced by our company are exported to many countries and regions for High reputation for Forklift Parts C19 to French Importers, If you are interested in our products, please feel free to send us your inquiry. We sincerely hope to establish win-win business relationships with you.

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  • Bottle Opener Machining: http://www.fanucamerica.com

    This video demonstrates machining of metal bottle openers using a fully integrated and fully automated machining solution from FANUC America.

    The system seen here features two high precision FANUC ROBODRILL Small Machining Centers, the fast and compact FANUC LR Mate 200iD Robot, and FANUC’s high performance Series 31iB CNC, all operating together to provide the highest level of efficiency and quality of parts. The system features robot to ROBODRILL interface, resulting in a FANUC controlled configuration that reduces wiring by 50% when compared to conventional PLC cell control.

    The process starts with the LR Mate 200iD Robot picking a raw part from a tray with its custom end of arm tooling. The robot waits for the ROBODRILL on the left to finish the first machining process involved. The robot has auxiliary axis servo control of the ROBODRILL access doors, enabling it to actually anticipate door opening. The first ROBODRILL’s door opens and the robot reaches in to grab a partially finished part. After grabbing it, the LR Mate rotates its gripper, loads the raw part and the first machining process beings. ROBODRILL precisely mills the part with its high speed DDR milling table. ROBODRILL is tightly integrated with the FANUC robot. Status monitoring and operation of the robot can all be seen on the ROBODRILL’s CNC screen.

    Once finished, the first ROBODRILL’s door opens, and the robot unloads our partially finished part and loads a raw part. The robot utilizes its full range of motion by flipping 180 degrees to re-orient the part in its gripper via a re-grip station. The robot flips back to its original position, reaches into the second ROBODRILL to grab a finished part, and rotates its gripper to load our partially finished part. Here, our bottle opener will finish its machining process. Upon completion, the LR Mate reaches in, unloads our finished part, loads a partially finished part, and places our finished bottled opener into a chute and out of the system.

    FANUC America has engineered the ROBODRILL machining center to address all machining needs for its class. Combined with the use of a FANUC Robot for machine load/unload and FANUC standard CNC installed, this system truly has it all — A one source solution for complete automation. To learn more please visit http://www.fanucamerica.com.

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