factory customized Forklift Parts C13 for Mongolia Factories

factory customized
 Forklift Parts C13 for Mongolia Factories

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continue to improve, to ensure product quality in line with market and customer standard requirements. Our company has a quality assurance system have been established for factory customized Forklift Parts C13 for Mongolia Factories, Welcome your visiting and any your inquires,sincerely hope we can have chance to cooperate with you and we can build up long well business relationship with you.

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It is a good way to improve our products and service. Our mission is to develop creative products to customers with a good experience for factory customized Forklift Parts C13 for Mongolia Factories, We sincerely welcome all guests to set up business relationships with us on the basis of mutual benefits. Please contact us now. You will get our professional reply within 8 hours.

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  • How to make silver ring: We will make pairing from one ring with just the tools available at home center without using engraving tool (what you need is below ↓).

    * It is a video from Japan.
    I write commentary using translation software.
    I am sorry if there is a mistranslation.

    I want to handmade a surprise gift, but …
    But, it is only for one time to arrange the engraving tools
    Neither psycho nor budgetary is impossible! It is a little hard!
    Is not it that there are many people?

    Therefore, without using the engraving tool
    With 100 tools and tools available at home centers or familiar items that can be substituted
    I tried to think of a way to make pairing (two) from one ring.

    * Even if someone accustomed to ring making does it, it feels like “This is a terrible work!”

    Completed ring =
    No. 13: 2.3 mm width, 2.3 mm thickness,
    No. 17 = 1.8 mm wide 2.2 mm thick.
    Although the inner side of the ring is not a true circle, since the finger itself is not a perfect circle, there is no problem at all. If it is in a large deformation state, it will be struck vertically to correct it to nearly a circle.

    * Attention point of this video:

    Actual work time and work time in the movie are different as we cut and connect the videos in various scenes.
    The melting work in the burner was done as much as possible with “no editing”, but there are scenes that cut a little.

    Tool used this time:

    Iron mass,
    Stainless steel pipe (instead of core bar / diameter 12 mm, 15 mm etc. / diameter changes from ring sizing)
    Table leg rubber 2 (inside diameter = about 28 mm),
    File: round, flat, diamond (100 equal),
    Drill: 2 mm diameter (ring thickness),
    Paper file (240, 400, 800, 1500, 2000),
    Calcined plaster,
    Handy gas burner (flame temperature 1000 ° C),
    Heat resistant block (for many holes, for soldering),
    Tweezers (first bent type is recommended),

    ↑ If you sum up this amount, it will be a good amount of money.

    I got a hint from my original technique I’ve done in various works so far
    Casting (= putting a toothpick: how to make Nasu no Fujiro),
    Sherbet melting (how to make ingenious silver ring),
    In ring size adjustment, over 30 size oversized ring technique is utilized.

    Creative silver ring construction


    I used a “circular ruler” to figure out the size of the ring
    Because the No. 1 will easily differ easily depending on the thickness of the ring
    It is a guide only.

    Basically, make the ring prototype small
    It is the idea of ​​expanding by tapping and adjusting the size.

    When the length of the diameter of the circle is “1 mm” different, the size of the ring is “No. 3″ different.
    It’s rough, but it’s a circle ruler
    “14 mm = No. 6″,
    “15 mm = 9″,
    “16 mm = 12″,
    “17 mm = 15″,
    “18 mm = 18″,
    “19 mm = 21″,
    “20 mm = 24″,
    “21 mm = 27″,
    “22 mm = 30″,
    This is almost the same as the outer diameter of the finger (About).

    This intermediate size is “Make it small and hit it and spread it out to fit the size.”

    As a precaution, when the ring thickness (= diameter of the drill) is 2 mm
    It is necessary to add “2 mm X 2 = 4 mm”.

    For example, in the case of this ring making, using a circle ruler of “19 mm, 21 mm”
    We have completed No. 13 and No. 17.
    The number 1 will easily differ depending on the hit. Also, when finishing the inside of the ring it will spread about 0.5.


    Creative silver studio Otanko Nasu!


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